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Mission Statement:
To provide and inspire hope, promote independence and well-being, self-sufficiency and dignified community living for persons with disabilities and seniors, age 65 and older.

What are Independent Living Skills? Independent living skills are those skills necessary to live as independently as possible. Such skills may include but are not limited to: housekeeping, cooking, time management, shopping, laundry, and budgeting. Skills may be related to social/recreational activities such as: utilizing leisure time in a satisfying manner, or knowing where to find appropriate social activities/resources.

Who Needs Independent Living Skills? Everybody needs independent living skills because they’re critical to our daily lives and enhances who we are. As a result, people learn and develop independent living skills throughout their live time. CHS seeks to assist people with disabilities to develop new independent living skills or enhance existing skills. It is up to you to make the choice to live independently and to dedicate time to yourself and to your own goal/s and skills development. Think about what independence means to you. Choose your goals for the level of independence you desire. We will help and support you.

ABOUT OUR COMPANY: Covenant Human Services (CHS) LLC, is a licensed home and community based support services for persons with disabilities and seniors age, 65 and older. We’re “client first”, culturally responsive and holistic minded Independent Living Services (ILS) (CADI, TBI, EW, AC) agency, committed to, creating the balance between WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO the CLIENTS versus WHAT IS IMPORTANT FOR THEM. Our services are client led and directed while we provide the necessary support to enable them achieve their goals.

- Collaborate with client’s to design their program needs outlining their strength and goals.
- Acknowledge individuals unique differences and cultures. . Make our clients and their needs, our only focus.
- Believe in respectful relationships and maintaining client’s dignity at all times.
- Be flexible to accommodate client schedules and lifestyles.

- Provide access to different resources and increase the opportunities for clients to participate in a variety of community activities of their choice.

Our Goal: To help our clients’ improve their quality of lives and regain independence and self-sufficiency, with a positive sense of self in their communities through our quality Independent Living Skill (ILS) support.

Who We Serve
At Covenant Human Services (CHS), we work with adults, seniors and families dealing with cognitive and physical disabilities associated with the following conditions;
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Autism
• Traumatic brain injury
• Epilepsy • Cerebral palsy
• Muscular dystrophy
• Down syndrome
• Fetal alcohol syndrome
• Orthopedic conditions
• Severe and chronic pain Our services are available to both men and women from different ethnic, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

Covenant Human Services LLC

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